Surf or Die

"Every man dies, not every man truly lives." Surf or Die is your chance to live and feel truly alive!

Surf the World

Surf or Die is the ultimate surfing game! Surf the planet at 19 world class surfing locations and unlock new boards and new moves as you proceed through the game. Perform dozens of tricks and paddle out into monster waves like never before. Feel like you are one with nature as you harness the power of the waves. Brand new 3D surfboard models have been added.

Surf the following breaks:

Surf or Die Features:

Advanced OpenGL graphics

Music and sound effects

Online high score database

High-resolution textures

Different camera angles

Surf or Die is brought to you by the makers of World Winter Games, iRollerCoaster, and iBASEjump.

Have fun with Surf or Die and feel alive!