RPG Tactics

RPG Tactics is the ultimate role playing game battle simulator.

RPG Tactics is a non stop Boss battle role playing game. Use your team of wizard, rouge, warrior, and white mage to defeat a huge array of bosses. Use only role playing tactics and strategy to win.

With RPG Tactics there are:

No painful side quests No NPC's No boring stories No cutscenes No items No supply missions No gold No random fights No talking No shops No experience points No inn Pure tactics.

Also Available on Windows and Mac

Use complex strategies and fast paced battle action for constant fun. There is no down time. RPG Tactics has beautiful retro graphics and an awesome chip tune soundtrack.

The player character classes are:

1) Wizard - Magical person who primarily studies and practices the Dark Arts, otherwise known as Dark Magic. They are experts at summoning magical spells to inflict large amounts of damage. 2) Warrior - Considered the tank since they can absorb damage to other party members. They use strong armor, axes, and swords, and have very high defense. They can cause high attack numbers but they must sacrifice defense. 3) Rouge - Experts at knife attacks and at ranged archery. They have very high attack rates and can evade some attacks. They do not wear heavy armor and are susceptible to damage if they cannot evade. 4) White Mage - The main healer of the party. They can use powerful offense magic attacks as well as buff the party members in battle. They must be protected by other members at all costs.

Free updates will come with each new version!