Pirates of the World

Travel the world in you galleon and pirate gold, wine, and women...all in HD!

The story of Captain Christopher Newport

The year is 1590. You are Captain Christopher Newport, the most important English privateer ever. Your goal is to sail around the world in search of treasure, wine, and wives.

"Pirates of the World" is a historically accurate pirate simulator game based on the 17th century Spanish War between England and Spain. The war culminated in the failed Spanish Armada, ending Spain's naval domination of North America and Europe. English privateers captured Spanish ships sailing from North America, through the Caribbean Sea, to Spain. The ships were loaded with gold which was mined by enslaved American Indians.

Captain Chrisotopher Newport also founded Jamestown in Virginia in 1607. On one voyage to Virginia he was shipwrecked on the uninhabited island of Bermuda. There he ordered his men to build a new ship and he saved all the colonists and successfully brought them all to Jamestown. This incredible Christopher Newport voyage was the inspiration for Shakespeare's play, "The Tempest".

Pirate and plunder Spanish and Portuguese ships in 36 levels, spanning across the globe. Use multiple weapons like:

Control the seas and fight for your own destiny in "Pirates of the World"

"Pirates of the World" Features:

Advanced OpenGL graphics

Music and sound effects

High-resolution textures

Pirates of the World is brought to you by the makers of World Winter Games and iBASEjump.

You are a privateer and nothing can stop you.